'Horrific ordeal' of saleswoman tied up, restrained and sexually assaulted

Sex attacker Trevor Wiles jailed

The face of evil. Trevor Wiles, 60, jailed for seven years for a terrifying sexual attack on a saleswoman he lured to his home. - Credit: Cambs Police

Little did a saleswoman know that the customer she had arranged to call on would subject her to a terrifying ordeal. 

Trevor Wiles threatened her with a knife, demanded she get on his bed, tied her hands and feet and then sexually assaulted her.  

Detective Sergeant Liam Sweeney said: “She suffered an horrific ordeal and I’m thankful she was able to escape when she did. 

“I would like to applaud her bravery, not only during the assault but also in having the courage to report the incident to police.  

“I hope her strength inspires other survivors to come forward and report offences so we can bring those responsible to justice.” 

Wiles, 60, was jailed for seven years at Peterborough Crown Court on Thursday.  

He had booked the appointment with the victim, a woman in her 30s, on August 19 last year. 

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She arrived at his bungalow in Ellwood Avenue, Stanground, Peterborough, and immediately faced inappropriate questions, including whether she wanted to move in with him. 

Wiles led the victim to his bedroom where she noticed restraints on his bed and immediate texted her manager to express her concerns. 

She looked up from her phone to see Wiles holding a knife. He demanded she get on his bed as he pointed the knife at her chest. 

Fearing for her life, the victim lay on the bed and Wiles proceeded to tie her hands and feet with the restraints before sexually assaulting her. 

The victim’s manager called and she was able to answer and call for help.  

Police arrived and arrested Wiles.  

He refused to answer questions but later admitted charges of false imprisonment and sexual assault by penetration. 

Jailing him, the judge also handed him an indefinite restraining order – preventing him from contacting the victim.