Watch as police smash their way into suspected drug dealer’s flat

The moment police stormed a suspected drug dealer’s flat in Ely was caught on camera. 

The moment police stormed a suspected drug dealer’s flat in Ely was caught on camera. - Credit: Policing East Cambridgeshire 

Police stormed a flat in Ely today after a tip-off led them to believe drugs were being dealt from the property.  

The raid was carried out by five or six members of the neighbourhood policing team.   

Video of the raid, filmed by Cambridgeshire Police, show the officers walking across a pot-holed road on the approach to the flats.   

The officers are then seen climbing stairs to the first floor, with one officer outside keeping watch in case anyone leaves.   

After three unsuccessful attempts to batter the door open, an officer is heard shouting ‘please open the door’.  

It is not clear from the footage whether the police forced their way in or whether someone did eventually open the door for them.   

Although the police are yet to release further details, the location, Springhead Lane, has been identified by a reader on the Policing East Cambridgeshire Facebook page.   

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A police spokesman said: “The neighbourhood team were in Ely early this morning carrying out a drugs warrant following intelligence received from members of the public.   

“No arrests have been made at this time.”  

The spokesman said: “If you suspect drug dealing or activity in your area, report it to us here so, we can take action.” 

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