Covid ban on collecting CCTV says police after cycle theft

Paper boy’s stolen bike is identical to this: a black Voodoo Mountain bike with dark blue writing on it.

A paper boy's bike was stolen whilst he was inside One Stop at Manea sorting his rounds. CCTV shows the moment it was taken. - Credit: Fiona Evans

CCTV footage of the moment a thief stole a paper boy’s cycle remain uncollected – because of the Covid pandemic.  

Cambridgeshire Police told the teenager’s mother that the footage can only be forwarded is via email.  

“Unfortunately, we are currently not allocating officers to collect CCTV due to the current pandemic,” they told Manea mum Fiona Evans.  

And they also told her they were unable to receive the footage through Facebook messenger.  

“In relation to the video you have mentioned, unfortunately our department do not have Facebook,” police told her.  

“Therefore, the only way for us to receive CCTV is via email. If you are able to shorten the video or send it as two parts this may be possible.” 

When he came out the bike had gone – and now CCTV from the store has shown it being ridden off."/>

They told her that if “in the meantime, until we receive any further information or a positive ID comes to light, your investigation will remain filed.” 

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Mrs Evans, who has emailed images of the suspect, says the response underwhelmed her.  

She told police she was “very disappointed” by their reply especially as the footage would show the registration of the vehicle used to take the bike away.  

The bike was stolen from outside the One Stop shop in Manea on June 5.  

She said she was surprised by the response “especially since they can warrant putting a helicopter in the air in the village to catch two men hare coursing”.  

Mrs Evans believes if Manea had a more regular police presence on patrol, they would go and view the CCTV for themselves quite easily.  

“This is not an isolated incident,” she said. “And it is leaving many people very depressed.  

“These people may not be just targeting bikes but also carrying out other crimes.” 

She remained disappointed when evidence “is handed to police on a plate they don’t seem interested in it”. 

On a happier note, a fund-raising effort has raised the money to replace her son’s bike.  

“People have been amazing and generous,” she said. “But we still want the culprits brought to justice.” 

Mrs Evans said she remains determined to track down and find the person who stole her son's bike.