Neighbour and PCSO prevent £4,000 fraud

PCSO and neighbour work together to stop elderly woman being scammed of £4,000. 

PCSO and neighbour work together to stop elderly woman being scammed of £4,000. - Credit: Police-STOCK

A quick-thinking neighbour and an alert PCSO prevented an elderly woman being scammed out of £4,000.  

East Cambs Police said it happened in Ely.  

A police spokesperson said the victim was an “elderly and vulnerable woman”. 

A man had knocked at her door in Ely and claimed her gutters needed cleaning so she wrote him a cheque. 

“However, he took the cheque and another blank one which he fraudulently filled out and signed for £4,000,” said the spokesperson.  

“Thankfully, we were alerted by a neighbour and one of our PCSOs was able to contact the victim’s bank before the cheque was cashed.” 

Police said they continue to investigate and “we are doing best to track down the offender”. 

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The spokesperson warned: “Please be vigilant and look out for vulnerable relatives and neighbours. 

“Criminals may offer gardening work or maintenance services as a cover story, or carry out substandard, unnecessary or overpriced work. 

“They can use persuasive sales techniques to pressure people into make hasty decisions.” 

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