Warning issued after cards not being returned by ATM machines

Police are warning East Cambridgeshire residents to 'be extra vigilant

Police are warning East Cambridgeshire residents to 'be extra vigilant' after receiving reports that a number of ATM machines in the area are not returning cards or dispensing money. - Credit: POLICE

A warning has been issued to East Cambridgeshire residents about using ATM machines in the area.

It comes after the police and banks have received numerous reports that cards are not being returned by several of them and that cash is not being dispensed by the machines either.

Fraudsters and crooks use a ‘skimming’ device on some ATMs which can fool a member of the public into thinking that something is wrong with it. 

Before the individual knows it, their card has been cloned and the cash that they thought was not dispensed is in fact being dispensed to someone else. 

A spokesperson from Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: “Please be extra vigilant and if you suspect something is wrong, please report it using our link https://orlo.uk/KraXW

“Don’t be caught out. Report suspicious activity involving ATMs as soon as you suspect something is not right and inform your bank immediately.”