'Cuckooing' drug dealer caught with cocaine to the value of £3,670

A police officer handcuffing a man in a grey jumper.

Blerim Hanku claimed his name was "Dave" as he moved himself into a vulnerable man’s home. - Credit: PA

A "cuckooing" drug dealer has been caught with cocaine worth over £3,670. 

Blerim Hanku claimed his name was "Dave" as he moved himself into a vulnerable man’s home in Trumpington, in order to sell class-A drugs from his property.

After Cambridgeshire Police were alerted to suspicious activity at the address in March.

A search of the room Hanku was sleeping in revealed a block of suspected class A drugs, scales, deal bags and Hanku’s passport, confirming that his name was not "Dave". 

Further enquiries led officers to an address in Kingston Street, Cambridge.

There, white powder and further identity documents were found.

Hanku was arrested on Malvern Road, where he attempted to discard further packets of white powder.

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Cocaine worth over £3,670 and other drug paraphernalia, including a tick sheet, were then seized. 

On Friday (June 24), the 29-year-old appeared at Cambridge Crown Court, where he was sentenced to three years and seven months in jail.

Blerium Hanku had pleaded guilty to three counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

Detective Constable Sarah Longbottom said: "Cuckooing is a term used to define a type of exploitation by drug dealers who take advantage of a person by taking over and using their home to store, sell or use drugs.

"Often the victims have poor mental health, are drug or alcohol users or live alone.

“The victim in this case was and is still fearful of his life.

"We acted on the information promptly to ensure Hanku was no longer a threat to him or others.

“Cuckooing can happen in any neighbourhood.

"Signs to look out for include frequent visitors at unsociable hours, changes in your neighbour’s daily routine, unusual smells coming from the property and suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles parked outside.

"Please report any concerns to us.”