Crimes reported to police in the past seven days

COPPER and other items were stolen from a yard on Hasse Road, Soham between April 10 and April 24. Thieves forced open the metal gate at the entrance, then went to the back of the site and forced the door open with a jemmy. The theft was discovered at 4pm

COPPER and other items were stolen from a yard on Hasse Road, Soham between April 10 and April 24. Thieves forced open the metal gate at the entrance, then went to the back of the site and forced the door open with a jemmy. The theft was discovered at 4pm on Thursday (24).

METAL was stolen from a yard on West Fen Road, Ely between April 22 and April 24. Large-scale farm tools and an old grey Ford Fiesta which was destined for scrap were taken, using a vehicle, trailer or lifting gear.

SWEETS were stolen from Tesco's on Angel Drove, Ely on Thursday (24), at 12.20pm.

A WOMAN had her handbag ripped from her shoulder on the Cloisters, Ely, between 9.15am and 10am on Thursday (24).

A BIKE was stolen from City of Ely Community College on Thursday ( 24), between 8.30am and 1.30pm. It is the second bike stolen from the college bike sheds in two weeks.

PART of a stereo was stolen from a car parked on Gateway Gardens, Ely between 6pm on Wednesday (23) and 8am the following morning.

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A BATTERY was stolen from a truck parked on Hall Barn Road industrial estate in Isleham on Wednesday night (23), between 5pm and 7.30am.

A BAG was stolen from the boot of a car on Saffron Piece, Sutton, on Wednesday night (23). The owner went out at 8.30am the following morning to find the back windscreen smashed.

VANDALS ripped a fence panel out of a garden in Elmfield, Ely on Wednesday night (23), at 9.40pm.

AN Unlocked BMX was stolen from a driveway on Calfe Fen Close, Soham on Wednsday night (23).

A VANDAL smashed up a house in Friar's Place, Littleport on Wednesday (23), between 12.35pm and 12.43pm.

TELEPHONE cables on Upware Road were damaged on Tuesday (22) leaving five visible axe marks in the cabling.

A VOLVO was stolen from a driveway on Chapel Street, Ely on Tuesday night (22).

A MAN stole a can of coke from a shop in High Street, Ely on Tuesday (22). He left the store at 3.30pm without paying.

YOUNG people stole items from Budgens in Soham on Tuesday (22), at 1.30pm.

THIEVES walked into a house in Park Lane, Little Downham on Monday night (21), between 8pm and 6.30am the following morning. They stole expensive hand held computer equipment, and left via the French doors.

THE windscreen of a Ford Escort was smashed on Monday night (21). The van was parked in a car park at the Gallery, Ely.

NUMBERPLATES were stolen from a car on West Drive Gardens, Soham, between April 14 and Monday, April 21.

STRIPS of lead were stolen from the front gates of a property on Low Road, Burwell between 8pm on Sunday night (20) and 11am the following morning.

A TAXI which broke down on Beck Road, Isleham, caught fire on Sunday night (20). The driver left the Vauxhall estate taxi locked and secure, but when it was collected at 1am the taxi plates had been stolen and there was severe fire damage to the interior and the engine compartment.

LEAD flashing was stolen from two bay windows on the ground floor of a house in Market Street, Fordham, on the night of April 16.

A VAUXHALL Astra was stolen on Wednesday night (20) from Eastern Avenue, Soham. It was found burnt out at 7am the following day.

A TAXI was vandalised in Westhorpe, Burwell on Saturday night (19). Two of its tyres were slashed and let down by the vandals.

A SHED was stolen from allotments at Bridge Fen, Ely, near the A142 on Saturday night (26).

A MOBILE phone was stolen from a house in Parson’s Lane, Littleport, as its owner slept. The incident happened between 2am and 5am on Sunday morning (27).

A LADY realised her purse was missing when she tried to pay for items on Ely Market on Saturday (26). The purse went missing between 1 and 1.30pm.

TYRES were slashed on a vehicle parked in Brook Lane, Stretham on Friday night (25). The owner arrived to find the vehicle unroadworthy at 10am the following morning.

A HONDA parked on Canterbury Avenue, Ely, had its window smashed on Friday night (25) at around 12.30pm.

THIEVES went for a ride on a mower on Friday. They stole the mower along with a set of bolt croppers and a petrol can from a rear garage in Great Fen Road, Soham, while its owner was at work.

A BURGLARY took place at a house in Station Road, Swaffham Prior, on Friday morning, between 7.15am and 12.30pm. Thieves broke in via an unlocked conservatory door.

PAIRS of socks were stolen from High Street, Ely on Thursday afternoon (24). The man was seen sticking two pairs of socks under his coat at 3.45pm.

A MAN stole a silver bracelet from a shop in High Street, Ely at 3pm on Thursday (24).

BATTERIES destined for the scrapyard were stolen from commercial premises in Sun Street, Isleham. Six or seven batteries were taken in total.

A NISSAN Primera was stolen from Frank Bridges Close, Soham on Thursday evening, between 3pm and 9pm. The owner had left the car locked and still has the keys.

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