Crimes reported to police in the last seven days

A PETROL-fuelled grinder was stolen in a distraction burglary on Berrycroft, Soham on 3.10pm on Sunday (6). A resident was working in his garage and was asked the time by another man who then rushed in and stole the grinder. LEAD was stolen from an iso

A PETROL-fuelled grinder was stolen in a distraction burglary on Berrycroft, Soham on 3.10pm on Sunday (6). A resident was working in his garage and was asked the time by another man who then rushed in and stole the grinder.

LEAD was stolen from an isolated outbuilding in Third Drove, Little Downham on Sunday (6) at 3pm.

THE front number plate was ripped off a car on Northfield Park, Soham on Sunday, between 6am and 7pm.

CAR surfers damaged an Audi A6 on Fountain Lane, Soham. Vandals jumped on and over the bonnet between 6pm on Saturday (5) and 9am on Sunday.

A CITROEN was vandalised in Station Road, Soham on Sunday (6), between midnight and 12.20am. Both wing mirrors were smashed off and the back windscreen wiper was bent.

NUMBERPLATES were ripped off cars in Duck Lane, Haddenham on Saturday night (5). Thieves stole the rear plate from a Vauxhall Zafira and the front number plate from a Renault, between 10pm on Saturday and 8am on Sunday morning.

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A WINGMIRROR was smashed on New Barns Road, Ely at 6.30pm on Saturday (5).

METAL was stolen from a garden in Main Street, Witchford, on Friday lunchtime (4). The thief used a Ford Transit van to steal the metal between 2.15pm and 2.30pm.

A MAN stole petrol from the BP garage on Witchford Road, Ely on Friday (4) at 11am. He paid for some other items in the service station and left in a Vauxhall Omega without paying for the fuel.

VANDALS smashed the front window of a Volvo on West Drive, Soham between 4pm on Thursday (3) and 3.45pm on Friday.

A NISSAN Sunny was stolen from outside a house in Mereside, Soham on Thursday night (3) between 6.30pm and 5.30am.

GARDEN pots containing grasses were stolen from a house on Teal Avenue, Soham on Thursday night (3), between 9pm and 7.40am.

A WROUGHT iron five-piece patio set was stolen from the front garden of a house on Foxwood South, Soham, Ely on Thursday night (3).

PETROL was stolen from the Downfields BP garage on Fordham Road, Soham, on March 29, twice. A van left without paying for fuel at 3.50pm, and at 9.30pm the driver of a Vauxhall Astra also left the service station without paying.

SECURITY bolts were broken off a fence at Angel Drove in Ely on Thursday night (3).

A CAR aerial was stolen from Chapel Street, Stretham, on Thursday evening (3).

In the same street, between 8am and 9.30pm, vandals pulled a concrete post from the metal rod which secured it into the ground.

A STEREO and a wallet were stolen from an unlocked Honda Civic on Debden Green, Ely, between March 31 and Thursday (3).

PETROL was stolen from the BP garage on Witchford Road Ely on at 8pm on Thursday (3).

ITEMS were stolen from Tesco on Angel Drove, Ely between 6.30pm and 7.05pm on Thursday (3).

A SPORTS bag and coat were stolen from a Volkswagen parked on Potters Lane, Ely on Thursday night (3).

MONEY was stolen from an unlocked car in High Street, Haddenham at 9.20am on Thursday (3).

AN ATTEMPT was made to break into company premises on Cambridge Road, Stretham at around 1.30am on Thursday morning (3). Damage was caused to a fire door and the alarm was set off.

A SAT Nav was stolen from a car in Gateway Gardens, Ely between Saturday (30) and Wednesday (2).

CLOTHES were stolen from a washing line in Mitchells Yard, Wilburton between 10am and 3pm on Wednesday (2).

A CAR was broken into on Hereward Street, Ely on Wednesday night (2).

A Peugeot 406 was broken into on St Ovins Green, Ely on Wednesday night (2).

A MOBILE phone and a wallet were stolen from a car on Morley Drive, Ely on Tuesday (1) night.

A SKODA was stolen from a driveway on Longfields, Ely on Tuesday night (1).

TOOLS were stolen from a metal container in Teal Avenue, Soham, at 2.25pm on Tuesday afternoon (1).

A PROPERTY in the Causeway, Burwell was broken into on Tuesday morning (1). The alarm was activated at 2.15am when a fan was removed to let the trespassers in and they left via a fire escape 15 minutes later.

ANGLIAN Water's site at Newmarket Road, Stretham, was broken into on Monday night (31). Thieves stole galvanised steel walkways and manhole covers.

PAINT was poured through the letterbox and keyhole of a house on Northfield Road, Soham on Sunday night (30).

A SCHOOL was vandalised in Sand Street, Soham on March 21, between 9 and 10pm. Young people pulled a pipe off one of the buildings and smashed it, and smashed bottles around the playground behind the school.

FIVE hundred litres of oil was siphoned from a tank in Berristead Close, Wilburton over a period of four years.

A MAN driving an Audi stole unleaded petrol from the BP garage on Witchford Road, Ely on Tuesday (8) at 8.50am. At the same time, another man, driving an LDV 400 convoy van, also left without paying.

ITEMS were stolen from three locked shipping-style metal containers in Pauls Road, Witchford, between 4.15pm on Monday (7) and 6.30am on Tuesday (8).

THIEVES stole a Land Rover from Mereside, Soham, on Monday morning (7) at 1.40am. Two men were seen breaking into the vehicle and another then followed them in convoy.

A TOYOTA Carolla was stolen from Jubilee Terrace, Ely on Sunday night (6).

CARS were keyed in North Street, Burwell on Sunday morning (6). A parked Volvo and a MG had a cross and a star etched onto their bonnets.

A GAS canister was stolen from a portable cabin in Henry Crabb Road, Littleport, between Friday (4) and Monday (7).

A CONVERTIBLE was gouged for the second time in Williams Close, Ely, at the weekend (4-6 April).

SCAFFOLDING was stolen from a field in Church Road, Wentworth, at 11.59pm on April 2. The thief loaded the items onto a van and took them to a local metal recycling centre.

A BRAND new house was broken into in Cornfields, Burwell last month. Thieves broke into the unoccupied property and stole various items.

IF you have any information regarding these crimes, contact Cambridgeshire Police on 0845 456 456 4 or Crimestoppers, anonymously 0800 555 111.