Residents told 'not to approach' illegal encampment

Caravans are parked at Waterbeach Recreation Ground

Some of the caravans which have formed an encampment on Waterbeach Recreation Ground. Residents are being told to stay away from the area. - Credit: Supplied

Residents are being urged to “not approach the intruders” at an illegal encampment which has grown in a matter of days. 

Seventeen caravans have so far turned up to Waterbeach Recreation Ground, which Cambridgeshire police say will be removed tomorrow (July 31). 

A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson said: “We were contacted on Tuesday evening (July 27) with reports of an unauthorised encampment in Cambridge Road, Waterbeach.  

“We are working with Waterbeach Parish Council and those within the encampment concerning the ongoing situation. 

“It is anticipated the encampment will have moved by tomorrow afternoon.” 

Football training and tennis sessions have also been cancelled due to the situation, which the parish council said will review on Monday, August 2. 

A council spokesperson said: “We are bringing what pressure to bear that we can to get them to prioritise and resolve this issue.   

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“With health and safety concerns in mind, be alert and exercise caution.  

“For your safety and everyone else’s, do not approach the intruders, seek to provoke them or move close to the affected areas.”