Company left disgusted after £2,500 van damage

C-Eco Roofing van damage in Cottenham

A C-Eco Roofing Ltd van was damaged overnight during an attempted break-in which it says will cost over £2,500 to repair. - Credit: C-Eco Roofing Ltd

A roofing company has been left infuriated after over £2,500 of damage was caused to one of its vans. 

The van, owned by C-Eco Roofing Ltd, was targeted on Lambs Lane, Cottenham. 

Carlo Celentano, managing director at C-Eco Roofing Ltd, said: “It happened between 10pm last night (Monday) and 6am today. 

“Every time it happened, we try to add more security, and I think those behind it learn about that and still get in.” 

Damage to C-Eco Roofing van in Cottenham

C-Eco Roofing have been victim to similar damage around three times in the last five years. - Credit: C-Eco Roofing Ltd

Mr Celentano believes at least one person was involved in the attempted break-in, which has happened to C-Eco Roofing around three times in the last five years. 

The company has previously been victim to similar cases while working in London, but the latest damage is likely to cost over £2,500 to repair. 

“We don’t know how many were involved; it is infuriating,” added Mr Celentano.  

C-Eco Roofing van damage in Cottenham

Security locks were cut and smashed on the C-Eco Roofing Ltd van in Cottenham. - Credit: C-Eco Roofing Ltd

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“Luckily they didn’t steal any tools this time but it’s now £2,500 plus VAT to get the van fixed.  

“It’s disgusting behaviour that has cost us a lot of money and time.” 

Cambridgeshire Police have been informed.