Police use dirt bikes in multi force bid to stop poaching 

East Cambs Police warn suspected poachers

East Cambs police posted these images of men stopped in Cambridgeshire for suspected poaching. All the men were from South Yorkshire. - Credit: East Cambs Police

Police joined up with six other forces to prevent poaching.  

East Cambridgeshire police reported back on a “decent night’s work” working with neighbouring police.  

“The Rural Crime Action Team (RCAT) got two suspected deer poachers – Subarus were stopped in Cambridgeshire,” the East Cambs team said.  

Both vehicles were from South Yorkshire and seven occupants were issued community protection warnings (CPW).  

The force says such warnings are “very effective. CPWs are a three-tier warning system for anti-social behaviour. 

“We are yet to see any suspects make it to the third tier.” 

A spokesperson noted that “it’s so successful we have extended the approach to the whole of the eastern region”. 

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RCAT also used dirt bikes to join a “fleet of 4x4s for an evening of preventing day and night poaching of hare and deer”.

Quad bikes used by Cambridgeshire police to prevent poaching

Quad bikes used by Cambridgeshire police to prevent poaching - Credit: East Cambs Police

On the East Cambs Police Facebook page one reader said: “I’m afraid warnings are no good, these types laugh at them. 

“Confiscate their vehicles and mobile phones, then crush them.”