Police enquiries continue into diners who refused to pay £200 bill

Diners who left Arbuckles without paying

Arbuckles has released CCTV allegedly showing diners who ran up a bill of over £200 and left without paying on June 29. - Credit: Arbuckles Facebook

Police say enquiries are ongoing after Arbuckles released CCTV images of diners who allegedly ran up a bill of over £200, and left without paying.

Arbuckles diners who allegedly ran up £200 bill at Arbuckles Ely

The diners who allegedly ran up the bill over £200 at Arbuckles in Ely were captured on CCTV. - Credit: Arbuckles Facebook

A post on the Arbuckles Ely Facebook page explained the party also vandalised the toilets and pushed past the manager and chef who stood at the main door in an attempt to prevent them from leaving.

It also said this was not an isolated incident at the restaurant, which is located in Ely Leisure Village on Downham Road.

The Facebook post said: “Over the past two weeks we have had two separate groups of customers that have run up bills of well over £200 and then left without paying.

“We became fully aware that last [Tuesday] night’s incident was going to happen and the people involved physically pushed past our female manager and chef who were standing on the door.

“To add insult to injury they had also trashed the toilets.”

It added: “This is completely unacceptable behaviour.”

Arbuckles customers who allegedly refused to pay a bill of over £200

Police say they have not made any arrests in connection to diners who refused to pay their £200 bill at Arbuckles in Ely. - Credit: Arbuckles Facebook

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The restaurant says the CCTV stills have been circulated to other restaurants in the Ely Leisure Village.

Afterwards, a police spokesperson said it has launched an investigation and is considering the incident as theft as four people made “no attempt to pay” for their food.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police using the web chat service https://bit.ly/3vsiYDw or online forms at www.cambs.police.uk/report quoting reference 35/41710/21.

Arbuckles has also asked to be contacted over social media if anyone recognises the diners.

Arbuckles diner who allegedly refused to pay bill of over £200

Arbuckles in Ely released the CCTV images on Facebook of diners who allegedly refused to pay their bill. - Credit: Arbuckles Facebook

Since the CCTV was made public and widely circulated, many have suggested that customers should be prepared to pay for their food upfront.

One commented: “Definitely pay as you order is the way to go.

“Any genuine person will be happy with that. It sucks that such a few people can potentially spoil it for so many others."

Another could relate to what happened at the restaurant.

“I’ve had similar incidents at my places of work,” she said.