Two ‘very large’ B flat bass instruments and one large euphonium worth around £20,000 were stolen from St Peters Church in March last month (April).

March Brass 2000 believe that the theft occurred sometime during the St George’s Day weekend (April 23-24).

St Peters Church is where the band usually practice and, although they have insurance, they say it will not cover the replacement of these instruments.

Chairman Peter Sutterby said: “I am extremely saddened at this loss as the band still has fees to pay and replacing the instruments will be very costly, around £23,000 roughly.

“The last time we were in the band room was the Monday before they were stolen (April 18), so the theft could’ve happened at any point after that.”

The incident was reported to Cambridgeshire Constabulary who said “a crime was raised for the theft of three musical instruments (believed to have taken place between 9am on April 23 and 12pm the following day) but is pending further investigative opportunities.”

If anyone has any information, please contact the police on 101 and quote reference 3532902/22.