A repeat drink-driver from Leicester is in prison after veering across the A14 at Swavesey.

Hitesh Vadher, aged 42, was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to drink-driving, driving while disqualified, and driving without insurance at Peterborough Magistrates' Court on Monday (July 11).

The driver, of Rush Close, Leicester, was already banned from the roads for three years in February 2022 after he was convicted of being drunk behind the wheel.

Vadher was caught when Cambridgeshire Constabulary officers spotted him veering onto the A14 verge in his Audi Q3 on Saturday, July 9.

After veering onto the verge, he began swerving across the dual-carriageway between Huntingdon and Cambridge.

Officers stopped Vadher, who produced roadside breath test reading of 163 microgrammes of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

The legal limit is 35 microgrammes.

He was arrested at the scene, and when officers took him into custody, they found he was already disqualified from driving and he had no insurance.

PC Ben Chance said Vadher disregarded the safety of other road users on July 9.

PC Chance said: "Vadher showed no regard for the law or the safety of other road users when he made the decision to illegally get behind the wheel.

"I would like to remind the public that they can help us make the roads safer for everyone by reporting drink or drug drivers anonymously."

He added members of the public can report drink-driving via a dedicated 24/7 police hotline on 0800 032 0845.

As well as a 16-week prison sentence, Vadher was ordered to pay £154 to fund victim services.