Camp Beagle bans visitors after Covid-19 outbreak

Christmas Day at Camp Beagle

Christmas Day at Camp Beagle - Credit: Camp Beagle

Camp Beagle protestors – who received hundreds of congratulatory messages on Christmas Day – has been forced to ban visitors because of Covid-19. 

“Due to two more positive Covid19 cases at Camp Beagle and to keep camp residents and visitor's safe, we are kindly asking that people please do not visit until January 7, 2022,” said a camp spokesperson.  

The protestors, occupying space near the entrance to MBR Acres at Wyton, posted to their Facebook page news of the positive tests. 

“This was not in any way an easy decision,” said the spokesperson.  

“But our priority has to be keeping everybody safe and being responsible, especially since the recent rise in Covid19 cases across the UK.  

“Everybody at camp and those that have visited recently over the Christmas period have now been contacted, and have done two Covid19 tests, 

“And those affected are now self-isolating.” 

Police check at MBR Acres over Christmas

Police check at MBR Acres over Christmas - Credit: Camp Beagle

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The spokesperson added: “More lateral flow tests are being delivered to camp as soon as possible and great care is being taken to prevent any further spread of Covid19.  

“Again, we strongly advise that anyone who has visited Camp Beagle recently over Christmas to take a Covid19 test. 

“We hope that those affected recover soon, and we hope to see and welcome you all 

back in the New Year.” 

MBR Acres is part of US multinational Marshall BioResources (MBR) and breeds up to 2,000 beagles each year to sell when they are four months old.  

The company says it fully respects that protesters have a right to peacefully protest provided that it is conducted lawfully.  

“Our staff, who are fully trained animal-care professionals whose sole task is to raise healthy and content animals, are unfortunately receiving abuse from certain protesters as they come into and leave work to care for our dogs,” said the company.  

They operate in “full compliance with Home Office regulations”. 

The cost of policing Camp Beagle topped £200,000 by the first week of September – and that’s excluding massive police presence in the months since. 

Front line protest: Camp Beagle

Front line protest: Camp Beagle - Credit: Camp Beagle

Camp Beagle says it has added an extra way for people to donate by setting up a page with one-off donations from £5 and recurring monthly donations from £5 too.  

“Whatever you can afford and pledge makes a huge change to us so we send a massive thank you to everyone who keeps this campaign going due to their huge generosity, we literally can't do this without your support,” said the spokesperson.  

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