Couple who won �101million Euro jackpot named

LUCKY couple Dave and Angela Dawes have been revealed to the world’s media as the winners of the �101million EuroMillions jackpot.

The pair scooped the third biggest prize ever won in the UK after matching all seven numbers on a ticket they had bought from WH Smith, in Wisbech Market Place.

Dave, 47, a shift supervisor at Premier Foods, and Angela, 43, a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, are to marry next year.

They had bought their first EuroMillions ticket just two weeks before they became richer than pop star David Bowie, with the multi-million pound haul.

It was only the third time they had played EuroMillions drawing a blank on their first two attempts. The pair both chose a line each.

Dave said: “I picked number 18 but the rest of the numbers were random. “We just watched in shock as the numbers that I’d chosen came up.

“It was too late to ring Camelot so I kept the ticket on me all night, we didn’t sleep a wink we were so excited.

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“We couldn’t believe we had won it. We watched it live as we had been flicking through the channels and just sat and watched it love.

Angela, who held the winning ticket as the numbers were being drawn, said: “I just kept saying ‘oh my god we’ve got another one, oh my god’ - I had to be calmed down because I just kept shaking. We checked the ticket over and over again. I still can’t believe it.”