Councillors vow to take action over danger road

Kings Avenue, Ely.

Kings Avenue, Ely. - Credit: Archant

Fears about the safety of busy road which runs through one of Ely’s biggest housing estates has prompted action from councillors.

Residents of Kings Avenue say there have been “too many near misses” in recent months and have called for action before someone is killed.

The warning came just days before a motorist had to be cut free by firefighters after mounting a kerb and flipping on to the pavement on the estate. Miraculously, nobody was on the pavement at the time.

Now, the City of Ely Council has formed a working party to investigate what is going on and look at what can be done to make the road safer.

Councillor Mike Rouse said: “It is certainly a matter that I have expressed great concern about over recent years.

“It is a road designed to take volumes of traffic and heavy vehicles, but, unfortunately, the layout of the houses in the new section from High Barns junction to Thistle Corner, encourages occupants and visitors to park at the road side, because the parking courts are too far away.

“I have had several site meetings and I do hope that local pressure and the City of Ely Council’s involvement will now help me to get something done about it.”

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The working party will consider complaints from residents of Kings Avenue which centre around inconsiderate parking, which forces motorists to drive down the centre of the road.

The mayor of Ely, Councillor Lis Every, has also thrown her support behind the working group.

She said: “It has been a concern of mine for some time. In the past, the county council has said the road is highways compliant but there has been some real agitation about safety.

“We felt it needed its own working party because it is an issue of great concern locally. We are absolutely determined to see what we can do.”

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