Liberal Democrat councillor Lorna Dupre claims East Cambs council plans to ‘purge on plastics’ are ‘anything but ambitious’

Councillor Lorna Dupre has claimed that East Cambs council plans to purge on plastic are ‘anything b

Councillor Lorna Dupre has claimed that East Cambs council plans to purge on plastic are ‘anything but ambitious’. PHOTO: Mali Maeder (Pexels) - Credit: Archant

An East Cambridgeshire councillor has criticised plans to ‘purge on plastic’, saying that the proposed time is anything but ambitious.

The 25-year plan was passed by the East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) last night “committing to reduce single use plastics and to encourage others in the district to do the same”.

Lib Dem leader Councillor Lorna Dupre said: “A motion to East Cambs full council on a ‘purge on plastics’ was described by its proponents as ‘ambitious’.

“But in reality it was anything but. There was only one target date in it – 2042. That’s 24 years away. In addition to the motion, there was a statement of intent.

Cllr Dupre added: “There was also a proposal to have an annual statement to the council about it all.

“But a Liberal Democrat suggestion that there should be an action plan, so that we knew what the council was planning to do, how it was planning to achieve it, and by when, was soundly defeated by the Conservative block vote.

“Perhaps that sounded too much like having to commit to something.”

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Councillor Anna Bailey, deputy leader of ECDC, who tabled the motion, said: “It is clear that wide-scale change is required across the whole of society to reduce our reliance on plastics, keep the plastics we do use in the economy for as long as possible and to keep all plastic out of our oceans and seas.”

Councillor Bill Hunt, who seconded the motion said: “This is the start of a journey; the use of the word “purge” is deliberate.

“I have no doubt that there will be examples of single use plastics creeping into the council and all council staff and members will have to be relentless in our efforts to keep our eye on the ball and get to where we want to be.”

The motion is said to initially aim to:

• Eliminate within the council unnecessary and problematic single-use plastic packaging.

• Make sure within the council that all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

• Continue to increase the ease of collection and recycling of plastic packaging within East Cambridgeshire.

• Encourage businesses in East Cambridgeshire to increase recycled content in plastic packaging to drive demand for recycled material.

• Impassion and enable residents and businesses in East Cambridgeshire to play their part in reducing plastic packaging waste and litter.