Councillor calls on European Union to fund new causeway crossing for Welney

THE former leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council is calling on the European Union to put their hands in their pockets to fund a causeway crossing across Welney Wash.

The RSBP wants the wash land to be flooded for a longer period to provide habitat for wildlife - but Councillor Fred Brown says a new crossing must be built before the road is put out of action for longer.

He said: “I want to see a causeway built, so the wash can be crossed by vehicles, rather than motorists having to take a 25 mile detour,” he said.

This winter was the first time for six years that the road was not closed because of flooding, But Coun Brown said: “This has not been a normal year. Central government and the RSPB have to make a decision that humans come first. If it costs �3 million or �4 million to build a causeway, what is that in the scheme of things?

“All sorts of things suffer because of the flooding, farmers who have land on both sides of the wash suffer, and motorists who have to drive the long way round.

“The A1101 is one of those roads that has always been a problem. Welney Parish Council is opposing the plan by the RSPB, and Littleport Parish Council is supporting them. I hope East Cambridgeshire District Council will also support them.”

Coun Brown added: “They have spent a fortune at Earith to alleviate that area from flooding; it would make sense to put in a causeway at Welney for all sorts of reasons.

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“The rural economy would improve, and there would be an added tourist attraction if the water stayed there for longer. I would like to see the birdlife benefit, as long as it is not at a cost to the public.”