Campaign to bring splash pad to Ely takes another positive step as councils consider proposal

A campaign to bring a splash pad to Ely is being considered by local authorities after a petition set up by parents reached over 2,000 signatures.

Parents have been campaigning for a splash pad to be brought to the city in a bid to improve outdoor recreational facilities for families.

The group of parents, coordinated by Angela Haylock from the What’s Your Game project, have now presented extensive research to both City of Ely Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council and a working group has been created to explore the proposals in more detail.

In a statement, City of Ely Council said: “At their recent full council meeting, City of Ely Council agreed to form a working group to look at the requests it has received for additional recreational facilities within Ely for a splash pad, a skatepark and a BMX track.

“The council feels there is a need for extra facilities for the youth of Ely and want to work with the groups requesting these.”

It added: “We look forward to meeting representatives from these groups and discussing how the council can help achieve such facilities.”

Tracy Corley, one of the parents who has worked with Ms Haylock from the Ely Volunteer Centre, said: “We are grateful to both councils for giving us time to present our case and we are pleased that they have agreed to explore the proposal.”

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Ellie Senior, representing the group at the council meeting, said the splash pad would give Ely an economic boost.

She said: “A splash pad would be the perfect solution to fill the gap in outdoor play provision in the area.

“One of the biggest benefits to a splash pad is that accessibility is integral to the design, giving people with a range of (dis)abilities equal access to a fun, mood boosting, family friendly leisure activity.

“Now more than ever, we need young people to have access to outdoor leisure activities which will promote physical and mental wellbeing.”

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A splash pad is an interactive outdoor water play park where children and young people can run through fountains, access features such as sprinklers and build confidence in the water.

Splash pads are designed with safety and environmental considerations, and the nearest splash pad for Ely residents is Newmarket, meaning families must travel outside the area to access outdoor water play facilities.

Residents are invited to support the campaign via the group’s Facebook page, Splash Pad for Ely, Cambs.