Council to dish out promotional pens in a bid to encourage people to answer questions on recycling

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Now in its final year, a two year bid to step up recycling in East Cambs – funded through a £197,600 Government grant – is to include giving out promotional pens.

The pens will go to householders who complete doorstep questionnaires as part of the council’s drive to boost recycling.

“Aims of the questionnaire are to enable targeted publicity for materials that people are frequently not recycling,” says Dave White, waste services team leader.

The initiative is part of an ongoing council campaign to get recycling targets up to 60 per cent.

Mr White said that last year the council got the Government grant under the recycling reward scheme.

The grant was to fund a two year incentive scheme, encouraging residents to recycle through entry into a monthly prize draw.

Three monitoring officers have been following recycling collection crews and recording addresses where recycling bins are presented for emptying.

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Participating properties receive a bin hanger informing them that they have been entered into that month’s draw. Those not presenting bins receive a leaflet informing them they have missed the chance to take part in the draw.

Mr White said those bins rejected because of contamination get return visits “with the aim of preventing further problems”.

Now the council is to use a questionnaire to encourage recycling with a survey being conducted from July to September.

He is not expecting a significant increase in recycling performance because of the initiative but hopes it will lead “to increased understanding of scheme requirements”.