Council set to order clampdown on doughnutting, drifting, wheel spins and other anti social behaviour at Ely car parks

Severe littering and detritus after car cruising reports in Ely car parks. The evidence was collated

Severe littering and detritus after car cruising reports in Ely car parks. The evidence was collated by the town centres parking team. - Credit: Archant

Speeding and stunt riding motorists are to be banned from two Ely car parks and the Cambridgeshire business park under tough new proposals outlined by the district council.

The community services committee of East Cambs District Council says their records of anti social behaviour show “high volumes” of complaints that is not replicated in police logs.

At Angel Drove car park – one of those to be included in a new banning order- research carried out by the county council says “the lack of incidents recorded by the police differs significantly from the intelligence and reports to the district council”.

East Cambs Council is now to consider a Public Spaces Prohibition Order (PSPO) which will be a catch-all piece of legislation to tackle speed, nuisance, racing and stunts such as doughnutting, drifting and wheel spins.

Sounding of horns will also be considered a violation of the rules as will the playing of loud music, dropping litter from a car, and “gathering of groups in motor vehicles for purposes other than simply parking”.

A survey run by the council shows 28 replies in favour, none against, and of those backing the move six are from businesses and one from the police and crime commissioner Jason Ablewhite.

“The result of the consultation demonstrates that the public generally support the designation area now proposed,” says a report to the September 13 committee.

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As well as Angel Drove, the car park at the Dock will be included as well as the business park.

The county council research group on behalf of East Cambs concluded figures of 10 to 15 vehicle or noise incidents recorded by police between January 2015 and December 2016 fell far short of the reality.,

A report to the committee believes a PSPO “will assist the police in addressing crime and disorder issues that arise from misuse of these areas”.

Comments made to the council include a member of the public who says “the car park on Angel Drove is absolutely disgusting. Every evening I’m intimidated by young lads who hang around there in their cars racing round the car park”.

The council’s town centre team also reported damage to the pay and display machine and also of another incident “when someone took pot shots with an air weapon; an air pellet was recovered from the door jam of the machine”.

•The council is also proposing a PSPO for Littleport at St George’s Church (Church Lane), Harley Davidson war memorial green open space (Church Lane), Parsons Lane Recreation Ground (Parsons Lane), Littleport.