Council says more fresh fruit on the menu for school children in 2015


- Credit: Archant

More fruit and wholegrain foods are on school dinner menus for pupils across Cambridgeshire in 2015.

Cambridgeshire Catering Services – which provide meals to the county’s primary schools – says it will increase the portion size of fresh fruit, and ensure that at least two desserts every week contain 50 per cent fruit.

More wholegrain foods, such as granary bread and wholemeal pasta have been included, contributing to children’s daily intake of fibre.

In addition, the variety of starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes, and noodles) has been increased to at least three different types per week.

The number of dishes containing pastry is now limited to the recommended maximum of two per week. In addition there is a greater variety of good quality protein used in vegetarian range of dishes.

Cambridgeshire Catering Services already have the Food for Life Bronze Catering Mark by meeting a list of standards. These standards focus on removing harmful fats and additives and GM from the menu, sourcing meat from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards, using eggs from cage-free hens, and ensuring that the majority of food on the menu is prepared freshly on site.