Council’s new leader announced

THE new leader of East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) has vowed to put localism at the heart of his plans for the district.

Cllr Peter Moakes said his council will deliver value for money for local tax payers, while striving to involve them in the decision making process.

Cllr Moakes will take over from Fred Brown on May 24 after the former leader suffered a shock defeat at the recent district council elections.

The Conservative Party maintained control of the district with a majority of eleven, after 25 Conservative, 10 Liberal Democrat and four independent councillors were elected.

Cllr Peter Moakes, said: “East Cambridgeshire is a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy and we have the expertise, skills and potential to become a really successful part of the East of England.

“I must first praise the work of Fred Brown who I succeed. He invested a huge amount of time and energy to ensure this council was on a firm financial footing. We know as a council we have to deliver real value for money for the local tax payer which is why the benefits of this strong position and the recent four year budget will be appreciated in the years ahead.

“There are undoubtedly challenges ahead but I believe that we will succeed as a district only by truly embracing the virtues of localism. We have seen through the Neighbourhood Panels and the Masterplans in Ely, Soham and Littleport how important it is to involve residents and the communities in their future. We have had some great feedback and contributions which have ensured that as we plan for future growth we do so with the support of the people.

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“Managing future development is key to our hopes of prosperity, but it will not be a mad dash to build new homes. Real sustainable growth means developing the infrastructure as a priority, to create the jobs, support the new schools and community centres and to create places where people will want to live.

“Finally, it goes without saying all of us who have been elected to serve on the district council will work very hard for their communities. All of us know the responsibility we have been given and we accept it with humility and promise to work hard for the improvement of East Cambridgeshire.”