Council likely to agree four bus shelters in Market Street, Ely, after survey confirmed their ‘poor condition’

East Cambs Council to carry out improvements

East Cambs Council to carry out improvements - Credit: Archant

Bus shelters in the centre of Ely look set to be replaced after a council survey recognised they are in “a poor condition”.

East Cambs Council will consider a report on September 30 which says the four shelters in Market Street are on the oldest insurance records held by the authority.

“The record does not provide details of when they were purchased or how much was paid for them,” says Spencer Clark, open spaces and facilities manager.

Mr Clark says in their current state they have little value but if they were to be refurbished the polycarbonate sections would need to be replaced.

“Obtaining quotes for such replacement has proven to be a difficult task,” he says. “It has not been possible to ascertain the sizing specifications and manufacturer details.”

However he says if the council opted for refurbishment he had found a Cherry Hinton firm able to replace the polycarbonate sections but only if the council dismantle the shelters and deliver them so that replacement could be done on site.

“These works cannot be quoted for ahead of the shelters being dismantled and delivered to the site,” says Mr Clark.

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His preferred option, and the one he is recommending to councillors, is to replace them at a cost of £3,000 per shelter plus a small charge for removing the existing ones.

However he ruled out the possibility of selling advertising space on the shelters – the paths nearby are too narrow and signs would impede their flow.

Mr Clark says given the refurbishment costs – though not confirmed- would likely be the same as replacement, he feels they should be replaced.

Funding will come from the community infrastructure section 106 funds – a pot created from developers’ fees.