LETTER: ‘There is no place for hindsight now’ says reader Rosemary Westwell

Rosemary Westwell. Picture: SUPPLIED

Rosemary Westwell. Picture: SUPPLIED - Credit: Archant

It is so easy to criticise.

We could easily say that the government should be reassuring us rather than congratulating itself on what it is achieving.

We could easily have expected the government to say, before they told us not to go to pubs and restaurants that it was closing them and other unnecessary businesses while supporting them with automatic cash transfers according to the tax they paid lasy year.

They could also have automatically sent out letters to pensioners over 70, for they have the birth dates of recipients, yet many haven’t heard.

However, there will no doubt be other sensible actions that they government may not take, but what really is important is that we all recognise (including members of the government) that we are all in this together and we should do all we can to help our neighbours.

One of the most important lessons we may be learning now is to swallow our pride and ask for help if we need it and I include the government in this.

What a difference it would have made if firms were asked to make masks etc at the beginning of the pandemic.

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Meanwhile, we should keep a sense of humour. One local made a doctor’s receptionist speechless when she joked: ‘with matters of health, you have to do of it yourself – it just gets difficult when you’re unconscious.’

Meanwhile, are you and/or your children feeling bored? May I humbly suggest doing what has always stirred me into action – simply make a list of all the things you could possibly do including those jobs you hate and before you have finished writing you’ll have found something!