Control Order For Dog That Bit Jogger

MAGISTRATES have slapped a control order on a dog that bit a jogger in Soham, leaving him with two bleeding wounds that required hospital treatment and stitches.

Six-year-old Rocky, a Husky type dog, lunged and escaped the control of his distraught owner Naomi Weidman as she walked him along Mereside on the evening on July 22.

Jogger Ian Wallis approached, and was bitten on the left arm by the dog. He was left in a state of shock, and needed a total of three stitches to the two puncture wounds.

Weidman, 48, of Avocet Grove, Soham, admitted being the owner of a dog that was dangerous and not kept under proper control on July 22. She now uses a muzzle on the dog since the incident, she told Ely magistrates.

Prosecuting, Angela Sassoli said Weidman had made efforts to keep the dog close to her as the jogger approached. But the dog became agitated, it was on quite a long lead as Weidman tried to control it.

“The dog escaped Weidman’s hold and bit the jogger on the left arm,” she said. “He had to go to hospital.”

Weidman told police that she had owned the dog since he was a puppy. He was given to her when she lived in America. She said the dog had lunged at Mr Wallis, biting his arm.

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“This surprised her and threw her off balance,” added Mrs Sassoli. “She pulled him back, and saw the wound on Mr Wallis’ arm. She was distraught, the dog had never bitten anyone before.

“Mr Wallis does not want the dog destroyed, but it does seem appropriate to have it properly muzzled in case anything like this should happen again.”