Contemporary watercolourist Gerard Stamp to display ‘Isle of Light’ exhibition at Ely Cathedral

Isle of Light exhibition at Ely Cathedral.

Isle of Light exhibition at Ely Cathedral. - Credit: Archant

An exhibition of new paintings by contemporary watercolourist Gerard Stamp will be on display at Ely Cathedral starting next weekend.

The ‘Isle of Light’ exhibition, which has been arranged with Grapevine Galleries, will be made up of 24 large scale paintings of some of Gerard’s favourite parts of the cathedral.

“I have been visiting the cathedral over the last 18 months to capture aspects of the awe inspiring building for my new collection,” he said, having previously held similar exhibitions at Norwich and Exeter Cathedrals.

“Some buildings astound us by their sheer size. Some buildings touch us by their intimacy. Some inspire us with their exquisite craftsmanship and beauty. And some can even move us to question our beliefs, assumptions and priorities.

“Very few buildings in the world manage to do all of these things. Ely Cathedral is one of them.

“I have spent dozens of hours wandering around simply watching the cathedral, seeing how the sun might briefly flood a corner, a column, a niche; I’ve seen how the low winter light penetrates far into the northern side, while the intense summer sun casts steep diagonals into the nave.

“Different aspects catch the eye at different times of the year. Some views suggested themselves at once, others only after much exploration.

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“What is fundamental, and ultimately what my paintings are about, is the feeling of a place, of light and time eternal, of spirits in stone, and of being ‘at the still point of the turning world.”

All exhibits will be on sale with some of the proceeds going to Ely Cathedral.

The exhibition can be viewed in the Lady Chapel from September 24 to October 2.