Company seeks permission to extend limestone quarry


ECDC - Credit: Archant

A firm which specialises in extracting minerals has applied to extend a limestone quarry in Wicken.

Francis Flower has requested permission from East Cambridgeshire District Council to extract up to 1.2million tonnes of limestone from 20 acres north of the existing Dimmocks Cote Quarry.

The company said it would extract about 65,000 tonnes of the material a year, giving the proposed extension a useable life of about 18 years.

At the same time, the company says it plans to refill and restore existing quarried land, turning it back to agricultural use and for use as a nature reserve.

In its submission to the council, the company said: “It is proposed that mineral extraction in the extension area would follow on from the completion of extraction in the ex isting quarry area.

“Mineral would be dug using a tracked excavator. All access to the extension area would be via the existing quarry with mineral in the extension being transported by dump truck to the existing plant site via a dedicated haul road.”

Limestone extracted from the site is powdered and used in the production of asphalt.

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A decision on the plans is expected within the next eight weeks. To view the plans, or to have a say, visit