Company launches appeal for old computers to help get school online

Pupils at the Great Dyke School, in Zimbabwe.

Pupils at the Great Dyke School, in Zimbabwe. - Credit: Archant

An Ely computer business has launched an appeal for donated computers to build a network for a school in Zimbabwe.

Great Dyke School, in Mashonaland West, has eight teachers and 284 children, some of whom are AIDS orphans.

Many of the children walk miles to school with empty stomachs, and tiredness and hunger can affect their concentration.

The children are fed by two volunteers who collect donations from friends and


We’ve Got Your Back, based in Station Road, is asking for businesses to donate any computer equipment they are upgrading or otherwise getting rid of.

They will wipe all data, if it isn’t already wiped, then install open source operating systems and software, as well as pre­loading a server with educational materials as internet connections there are non­existent or expensive.

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Peter Risdon, technical director at We’ve Got Your Back, said: “We’re working with a small charity called Eco Ed, who have been helping Great Dyke and other schools in the area.

“We’ve donated web hosting and help with the construction of a website for them. The site, eco­ is still under construction but we want to launch this appeal now.

“We want to ship over a complete network in the New Year. The plan is to include a server, network cables, and a switch so a proper network can be set up, with the server pre­loaded with video and text learning materials on a range of subjects including computer science and programming.”

If you think you might be able to help, or want to get involved, e-mail