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ELY Ely Cathedral SERVICES for March 12 - 18 THURSDAY: 7.40am – Morning Prayer; 8am – Holy Communion; midday – Quiet Hour; 12.10pm – Holy Communion; 5.30pm – Evensong. Friday: 7.40am – Morning Prayer; 8am – Holy Communion; midday – Quiet Hour; 5.30pm –


Ely Cathedral

SERVICES for March 12 - 18

THURSDAY: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 12.10pm - Holy Communion; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Friday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Saturday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 12.30pm - Walsingham Cell Mass; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Most Read

Sunday: 8.15am - Holy Communion; 10.30am - Sung Eucharist and Ministry of Healing; 4pm - Evensong.

Monday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Tuesday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Wednesday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Methodist Church

THE Sunday morning service was led by the Rev Barbara Garwood. Four hymns were sung, followed by prayers. The first and second readings were taken from the New Testament. Offerings were taken, followed by the closing prayer and prayers of intercession. The evening service was led by the Rev Bernard Arnold.

Thursday: Shoppers' lunch from noon till 1.30pm

Sunday: 10.30am - morning service led by the Rev Barbara Garwood. Evening service at 6.30pm led by Rev Bernard Arnold.

St Mary's Church

SUNDAY: 8am - Holy Communion with preacher Alan Hulme; 10.30am - Family Communion with preacher Mike Hughes; 6.30pm - Evening Prayer with Alan and Jane Hulme.

INFO: or call the church office on 01353 659550.

Ely Northwold WI

April 8 - visit to a garden centre

May 13 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (bee keeping)

June 10 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (MAGPAS)

July 8 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (watch or clock with Frank Coe)

August 12 - outing

September 9 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (machine knitting with Barbara Ellerbeck

October 14 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (first aid with Caroline Price

November 11 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (AGM)

December 9 - Cathedral Centre at 7.30pm (poetry and prose with Geoff Hales

Visitors welcome to attend any meetings.

St Mary's Church

SERVICES for Sunday.

8am- Holy Communion with preacher Alan Hulme; 10.30am - Family Communion with preacher Mike Hughes; 6.30pm - Evening Prayer with Alan and Jane Hulme.

St Peter's Church

SUNDAY: the celebrant and preacher at the 9.15am Sung Eucharist will be the Rev Alan Hulme.

Countess Freechurch

LOUISE Lomax led worship before the Rev Gordon Lowman continued with the series of sermons based on the first book of Timothy, looking at the responsibilities of Christian leaders. In the evening the sermon was from Mathew 7. Our young people's group, Rock Solid, is going to Fort Rocky for a weekend in May and fund-raising for this continues with a Pampered Chef evening on Friday at 7.30 in the hall. Entry is on the door at �1. Rock Solid is also one of the Waitrose green token charities this month.

Sunday: the Family Service at 10.30am is led by Louise Lomax and all are welcome.

Olive Tree Fellowship

IT seems Sunday was a time for sharing - so many people had things to offer during the morning worship. We heard much that stirred and stimulated us. Tim Frost spoke about the need for us not to look at our own limitations but rather to look to God for all that is needed in our service of Him. Holy Communion was a focal point in our desire to see God's glory in us and around us.

Sunday: worship at 10.30am. The speaker will be Keith Dolding, who is one of the leaders in the Barnabas Fellowship of Churches of which we are part. Cr�che and Sunday School will be provided.

Open Door Caf� on Friday from 10am until noon offers a warm and welcoming setting in which to enjoy refreshments and good company.

New Connections@High Barns

WE meet at the theatre at St Mary's Junior School, High Barns at 10.30am on Sunday morning.

An interesting morning this week, looking at exorcism. We related this to Mark 1 and how Jesus dealt with the demon-possessed man - using Bible readings, pictures, and quotes from famous and not so well- known people and a discussion time. At the end of the morning we shared Communion. Meanwhile the Children's Club looked at how special we all are and painted self portraits.

Next week the theme will be Whose King (is Jesus)?

We welcome all to join us; we have a cr�che and Children's Club, with games, stories and craft activities - and the adults sit around tables with a drink and a biscuit.

INFO: Keith Waters on 01353 612158 or


Parish Church

CELEBRANT and preacher at St Michael and All Angels on Sunday was the Rev Alan Hulme. The organist was Beth Stokes. The first lesson was read by Joyce Briggs and the offertory was presented by Michael Richer.

This Sunday morning prayer will begin at 9.15am.


WI Report

THE president welcomed members to the March meeting.

She introduced the speaker, David Palmer, who gave an interesting and amusing talk on the life and times of an auctioneer

Sue Morgan won the competition for a small antique item.

At the April meeting there will be demonstration on creative card making

and watercolour painting. Members will then be able to try their hand at making the cards and painting at the meeting.

Methodist Church

The hall was packed for the Lent Lunch served by Audrey Hopwood and her team on Saturday; more than �220 was raised for Christian Aid and the next Lent Lunch in the village will be in the Baptist Hall on Saturday March 21 from noon.

Sunday's service was led by Paul Cobley from Sutton and this Saturday there will be a special coffee morning with stalls in aid of a school for Deaf Children in Kenya, a charity which is being supported by the whole of the Ely Circuit.

On Tuesday evening, the church council will meet and make plans for the next half year; this is a meeting to which anyone who is interested in the workings of the Methodist Church (at local, national of world-wide level) is warmly invited.

Further info regarding the three churches in Haddenham and the many other local organisations may be obtained from the Village Voice, newsletters which is produced monthly.


The Vine Community Church

WE are a lively non-denominational Christian church meeting at the Regal on Hempfield Road in Littleport.

Sunday: service will be at 10:30am with contemporary music worship and the sermon by Pastor Don Gee.

Youth and children's Sunday school is provided during the sermon and our cr�che is open for the little ones throughout the service from 10:15am.

After the service we welcome you to stay for coffee, tea, and fellowship.

The baptismal service was outstanding. Congratulations to Trish and Andrew. Almost 100 people joined us for the celebration.

If you would like to come on the church holiday it is in the last week of August at Sizewell Hall, we are now taking bookings.

INFO: contact Pastor Don Gee at 01353 860885 or 01638 780457 or visit us at

St John's Methodist Church

REV June Mallabon led Sunday morning's service which included the celebration of Holy Communion. The theme for the second Sunday in Lent was 'I am the bread of Life'. Florence Wynn placed the symbols on the Lenten Cross and Constance Wynn gave the reading. Simon Wynn read the lesson and Peter Kirby was the pianist.

The evening service was united with St George's Church and was led by the Rev Sheila MacInally and the preacher was Jane Harris. Pat Hodson was the pianist.

Saturday: there will be a Prayer Meeting in the vestry at 9.30am.

Sunday: the service will be led by Simon Wynn at 10.45am and at the evening service there is to be a film shown entitled 'The Life of Jesus', starting at 6.30pm and finishing around 8pm. This is being shown instead of the normal evening service.

All welcome to join services and events.

Littleport Ely and District Spiritualists

SPECIAL thanks to Richard Bartholomew who was our guest medium for the evening on March 5. We hope to see him back again in the near future. For the newcomers we hope we made you feel very welcome and of course, thank you to all our regulars. It is an inspiration to see so many of you and we hope you enjoyed our service.

There is no charge for entry to church. We do, however, appreciate small donations of prizes for the raffle and thank you to all who donated last week.

Our service is held at the village h in Victoria Street on Thursdays.

Doors open at 6.40pm for healing, which ends at 7.20pm. This is free to all who would like to receive healing.

The Divine Service begins at 7.30pm to which everyone is welcome.

This week, Thursday, March 12, we have Joan Storey as our guest medium. Joan never fails to deliver a great service mediums for Thursday, March 19, is poet, Cherry Smith and Richard McDonald and we look forward to seeing them work.

Cherry works in a unique way and gives messages by poetry whilst Richard works the platform as we normally have our mediums work. If you haven't seen Cherry work before then please come along as she gives beautiful messages and you take them away written as poetry.

At the end of the service we have light refreshments which are free and you are welcome to stay behind to join us, giving you the chance to make new, like minded friends or just to have a chat among yourselves.

INFO: for details 2009 programme visit our website at:

Alternatively contact Wendie on 01353 667300 or email:


Parish Revue

THE Annual Revue took place in the village centre.

By Royal Command to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, it was written and produced by Peter Hampson and Colin Jordan. The actors were accompanied by Kneale Watson on the organ. A vote of thanks was given by Alan Martin to all who took part.

St Leonard's Church

ON Sunday, there was a Communion service where the speaker was Scott Eversman. This was followed by 'Messy Church' in the afternoon where the puppets Bert and Lucy made an appearance.

Sunday: (the third Sunday in Lent) there is a service of Morning Praise at 11am with Sunday Club for the children. The speaker is the Rev Pauline Scott. Jellytots for under-5s and their carers is on Tuesday at 1.30pm and Friday at 10am in the Community Rooms. Everyone is welcome at all our events and services.


Baptist Church

INCREDIBLE Journey was the title of the sermon preached on Sunday afternoon by Liz Herrington.

Prayer and Bible study was held on Tuesday. The Girls' Brigade will meet on Friday at 6pm.

Sunday: the service at 3pm will be conducted by Tudor Parsons.

St George's Church

JUDY Kerridge conducted the service of Morning Praise on Sunday morning, Peter Barrett and Judy Young read from the scriptures and Martin Kenward led the prayers of intercession. John Drewry played the organ.

Sunday: Parish communion and Sunday School will be led by Rev Pauline Scott.


Heartbeat Health Walk

THE glorious spring sunshine attracted 48 walkers to take part in the weekly walk on Monday. Lead by Liz Gwinnett with David Clark and Laurie Budd at the back, the walkers enjoyed a walk of approximately three miles around Soham. A stop was made at The Ship or Saucey Megabytes for refreshments.

Over 60s Club

AT the recent meeting of the club, Ruth Ginn organised an afternoon of nostalgia when members recalled interesting events of there lives. Ruth thanked them for a most enjoyable afternoon. Vera Seal organised the raffle and refreshments were served by the committee ladies.

Women's World Day of Prayer

THE service of the Women's World Day of Prayer took place at St Andrew's Church on Friday afternoon. The order of service was prepared by Christian Women of Papua New Guinea. Margaret Fisher led the service and welcomed everyone and gave the introduction. Representatives of the churches, chapels and the Over 60's took part with readings from the scriptures quotations from the Holy Bible, new international version. The address was given by lay preacher Helen Banyard. The offering was taken for the work of the Movement, for Christian Literature Societies and for Christian educational projects. The prayer of blessing brought the service to a close. The congregation were invited to stay for tea and biscuits.

Soham The Fen and Barway W.I.

President Sheila Knight welcomed 18 members to the meeting on Friday.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary and these were signed as true record. Names were taken for the annual council meeting on April 27 and members were reminded of the group meeting at Isleham on March 23. A collection was made for coins of friendship. The Annual General Meeting followed. Sheila thanked the committee for all their hard work throughout the year. Secretary Yvonne Long gave the secretaries report and Jenny Langley the financial report. The officers and committee agreed to continue on the committee for another year. Yvonne welcomed the speaker for the evening Andrew Murfitt who spoke about the Alexandra Technique with a short demonstration with the help of member Angela Blease. Gwen Bridgeman thanked Andrew on behalf of everyone. Refreshments were served and Sheila organised the raffle. The speaker at the next meeting on April 3 will be Paula Dolan.

Soham Methodist Church

OUR service on Sunday morning at 10am was led by John Gautrey.

Sunday's services will be led by John King at 10am and the Rev Edwin Myers at 6.30pm, and this service will include Holy Communion.

The Tea Dance last Saturday raised �104.60 for our Church Property and Development Funds. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this event.

Wednesday (March 25) the Rev Edwin Myers will be holding a Prayer Meeting at 10.30 am in the Vestibule. Anyone is welcome to join us at these prayer meetings.

Thursday (March 26) there is bingo at the Causeway Day Centre at 6.45pm. There will be prize draw and refreshments. Proceeds to Soham Methodist Church Property and Development Fund.


St James' Church

ON Sunday there was a Communion Service led by the Rev Pauline Scott.

Sunday (the third in Lent) there is a service of Morning Praise at 9.30am with Sunday Club for children. The speaker is Terry Day. Little Bears for under-5s and their carers is on Monday at 10am in church. Coffee-at-the-Lion, the local History Group, is on Tuesday at 10.30am, meeting in the Red Lion Pub. This is followed by traditional Morning Prayer in the church at 11.45am. Everyone is welcome at all our events and services.

Over 60's Club

MEMBERS enjoyed bingo in the church hall on March 4. A raffle took place and tea and biscuits were served by Pauline Regan, Betty Bidwell and Patrick Spencer. The meeting closed with the club hymn.



THERE were two tables in play at the dominoes held on February 27 in the social club when Mrs A Houghton was MC. Winners were: Mrs A Houghton, A Reed, R Dewsbery and Mrs M Dewsbery. Highest Halves: Mrs O Goodjohn and F Tall; Consolation: B Copping; Draw: Mrs O Goodjohn, Miss M Murfitt and R Dewsbery.

Whist Drive

THERE were four tables in play at the whist drive held on March 2 in the social club when Mrs M Dewsbery was MC. Winners were: F Tall, Mrs A Houghton, Mrs I Butcher, A Bell, Mrs M Dewsbery, Mrs P Brand and R Saberton. Highest halves: Mrs H Sturman and B Copping; Most Twos: Mrs P Jordan; Consolation: Mrs E Sizer; Draw: Mrs D Perrin, A Bell, Mrs P Brand and Mrs M Dewsbery.


Baptist Church

ON Sunday, Andrew Dalwood from Burwell Baptist Church led the worship.

Sunday: the service, at 10.30am, will be conducted by Keith Rawlinson from Willingham Baptist Church. All welcome.


St Peter's Over 60's Club

THE club held its monthly meeting on February 27 when a large number of members attended. The money was collected for the outing to Turners in November for their Christmas show. The members played bingo and this was followed by tea and biscuits and a raffle. The next meeting is on March 27, which is a bring-and-buy, and the first outing is on April 21 which is a trip to Norwich. Coach leaves Wilburton at 9am.