COMMENT: Lyn of Littleport

Lyn Gibb-de Swarte

Lyn Gibb-de Swarte - Credit: Archant

In amongst all the squabbling, warring and politicking in the world, it is so nice to live in the village of Littleport.

I am sure that all the other English villages are very similar and would also lay claim to that sentiment, just by adding their own village name in place of ours.

Even though there are problems for residents that microcosmically mirror those in the towns and cities, we still have that sense of a cohesive community - and with the building of more and more houses, and the prospect of extra schools opening in September (don’t mention the still-in-the-pipeline Littleport Ice Stadium project) there will be even more people to include in the many clubs and groups that are an integral ingredient of Littleport life!

And of course, Littleport Life is the name of our village magazine. The latest Spring quarter issue, prepared as a labour of love, gratis, by yours truly and Cathy Gibb-de Swarte, is out now and being delivered by an army of willing volunteers.

The giant’s share of getting the magazine through letter boxes, has been shouldered by Joanne Coe and her many young people that are part of her thriving youth club, The Port.

Now Jo’s daughter Lyvie, has let us know that my spouse is otherwise known as ‘Crazy Cath’ by youngsters in the village.

Not surprisingly after her constant fundraising disporting of herself round these parts dressed as a dragon, a reindeer and wearing giraffe hats. But I tell you this in confidence…

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The high winds last week were a bit of a bind. Tarpaulins and other garden paraphernalia went flying, and April-Louise Morley and Ash Darnell spotted a fence blown down and dogs loose in the garden. They stopped to secure it although they didn’t know whose place it was or the dogs, for grateful owner, John Vince, who was out when it happened. Deb Duffield was on school crossing duty in Parsons Lane, and although abandoning her ‘lollipop’, still escorted children safely, while Mr Winter manfully hung on to the gate to stop it causing them any injury.

Nothing to do with hurricane ‘Doris’ but Nina Farrow’s daughter lost a dinosaur foot wellie on the way home from school. Found by Sue Leonard and photo posted on the Facebook page ‘Littleport Notice Board’ by hubby Mark, said boot was restored to its rightful owner!

Many wind swept up belongings were also found and returned to owners by the same route!