COMMENT: Griggs of Soham by Geoff Griggs

Puddle on Sand Street Soham

Puddle on Sand Street Soham - Credit: Archant

WELCOME Sometimes I get the impression that most of what happens in Soham is instigated by people who have moved into the town. Once the idea has taken root then we locals usually pitch in and carry it forward.

One couple who have proved this theory have just celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, having moved here from the mysterious lands to the south of the A11 when they married.

You can’t but acknowlege that Ruth and George Ginn have been great assets to their adopted home (yes, I know they’ve been here for 50 years, but we don’t move that fast hereabouts) by devoting time and effort to the guides, the over 60s, the Methodist church and the town council while George has produced volumes of history gleaned from the newspapers of the times.

In his spare time George has run several marathons when not hurtling about the countryside on his racing bike. Their three children have flown the nest but still roost in Soham. Ruth and George, we congratulate you and thank you for all your efforts, you’ve certainly improved our town.


Jake the spaniel was surprised last week to find that the High Street was closed to traffic. The sign said three days, he was told, so he expected a week’s disruption, at least.

No chance, traffic was flowing again after two. While the road was closed Jake noticed that the area between the Post Office and Barclay’s Bank turned into a jay-walkers’ paradise and that digging and backfilling a trench while connecting services became quite a spectator sport.

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Mrs of Soham has recently developed a hankering to go and have a look at the Lake District and I can’t see a problem with it so we are juming on a coach later in the year when the rain should be a bit warmer.

If she wants to get an idea what it might be like all she needs to do is drive through Soham after a bit of rain.

Approaching from the north she will come across the Hall Street Mere, not too bad in the warmer seasons but when the water is carried forward by passing tyres onto freezing road surfaces, a real menace.

Also, with a good coating of water, everyone’s favourite potholes are likely to disappear.

Further south there is a body of water where the Butts meet Sand Street, near the threepenny seat. This lake, in front of the home of one of our local politicians, but not referred to as a “moat,” needs very little rain before it materialises on each occasion.

On the whole, we think that the hours spent sitting on the coach are well worthwhile if Soham’s lakes are the only alternative.


I see that the James gang, Rebecca and Jonathan, have taken over 110 convenience stores from Bristol to Sunderland. Now it may depend on how quickly, far and often you travel, but neither Bristol nor Sunderland are places that I would call convenient particularly as I normally get about at about 3mph on an electric scooter. Handy or not, good luck to both of them. It just goes to show what can develop if your dad can be persuaded to lend you his shed for a farm shop.


The popular concept that youngsters today spend all their time sitting in front of a screen shooting at and blowing up fictional enemies will be totally refuted tonight when St Andrews primary school takes on the Weatheralls in the annual contest for the Reg Collen trophy at Soham Town’s Julius Martin Lane ground at about 5.30pm.

On Saturday the excellent Wicken Coronation Band are giving a concert in Fordham’s Victoria Hall from 7.30pm raising funds for Alzheimers’ research.

Tickets are £6 and available from Brenda’s Flowers on Cross Green. As from Tuesday (19) there is just what Soham needs, another food venue! This is more of a revival rather than a leap in the dark.

The Fountain Inn will be serving food from around the world from noon to 3pm from Tuesday to Saturday.


Talking of the Fountain reminds me of an evening several years ago. The current “must see” film for many people seems to be “Eddie the Eagle” charting the sporting career of Britains leaping plasterer.

A chap on Radio Cambridge boasted that he had once seen Eddie at Gatwick Airport. We can do better than that. During the first incarnation of Ely Round Table Mr Eagle was once the guest speaker at their annual charter dinner and spent the night at the Fountain.

He’s a really nice chap and managed to keep both feet on the ground all the time we were in the bar.