COLUMN: Lyn of Littleport, August 17

John Overson on his motorbike.

John Overson on his motorbike. - Credit: Archant

I have been to many places in my time - and lived in some, and last weekend’s trip into the wilds of Kent, also called the garden of England, served to remind me of what these other places are like in relation to Littleport.

Welcome to Littleport sign.

Welcome to Littleport sign. - Credit: Archant

Now some would say that Littleport is not the zenith of anyone’s ambition that includes a desire to live in the village of their dreams. Perhaps it ain’t a subject for a fancy chocolate box lid picture, but passing that ‘welcome to Littleport’ sign and seeing the clean streets, pleasant frontages, full hostelries like the Crown Inn where you could see people through the windows enjoying a convivial evening, the Plough and Harrow’s car park was full with pleasant music emanating through the open windows, the Ex-Servicemen’s Club chock-a-block with people, some socialising outside having a cigarette, and in the background the smooth sounds of The Splash wafting out, but the otherwise general quietness at 11 of the clock on a Saturday night, gave me an absolute conviction that Littleport is indeed the place to be to which all others should aspire!

Apart from the new retail and service businesses coming in, Cambridgeshire County Council decided to build new schools here. Sponsored by the Active Learning Trust, one is a Special Educational Needs establishment, the Highfield Littleport Academy, under the headship of Ms Yvonne Skillern. The new Leisure Centre is now built and opening next month.

Scott Gaskins is head of school for the Littleport and East Cambs Academy, and is obviously delighted with the whole Littleport thing.

The state of the roads, caused in no small part by the advent of the schools, needing access and so on, is still coming in for some stick, but all in all everyone in Littleport is happy with the prospect of the new campus.

Market’s second birthday

The Adams Community Market will celebrate its second birthday in true Littleport style with marvellous cake and a grand raffle on Saturday September 2.

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Well I did imply that all roads lead to Littleport, and many other discerning people prove that too, and literally! Last weekend we had the annual ‘pilgrimage’ of the Cambs & District Looney Club, trike bike enthusiasts who converge here to have a good time. As John Overson, a member of the club from King’s Lynn says, ”Littleport is a great place.”