COLUMN: Lyn of Littleport

Lyn Gibb-de Swarte

Lyn Gibb-de Swarte - Credit: Archant

You may have been slightly puzzled by my glowing reference last week to Littleport’s restaurants, and hostels.

Well the online version had it right – hostelries. Not that we don’t have a decent hostel here.

There is one for individuals and families who are in-between homes for whatever reason, and a fairly comfortable and central place it is too.

But hostelries are of course convivial places where you can buy a drink, a pub or an inn, or put up for the night after an enjoyable evening; like the super rooms at the Swan on the River.

Then we have the merry Crown Inn, and the family friendly public house, the Plough and Harrow.

The Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club is keen to let you know that you do not have to be an ex-serviceman to visit. All are welcome to their premises in Ponts Hill, especially young people.

Speaking of which, very young people are there every Monday evening as members of The Port youth group run by community activist Joanne Coe, ably assisted by Lindsay Cross.

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Their initiative which started with the youngsters painting small rocks with lovely designs and nice words that were then placed around the village has really spread.

It’s like a giant kindness-inspired game of hunt the thimble crossed with hide and seek that has exponentially grown into a happy social media based event.

When you find a rock, you post a photo on the ThePORT ROCKS Facebook page, and re-hide it for another to find, snap, post, and rehide!

Kindness abounds in this village - and every Friday morning there is a non-religious ‘Listening and Information Service’ from 10.30-11.30am at St George’s Church.

Susan Green and Elaine Lee are the helpful pair behind this. Anyone with a problem they need sorting out can go there.

And someone from the ministry team can offer a prayer too if anyone asks.

Susan and Elaine also organise the independent food bank on a Tuesday.

When Lindsay and John of their farm shop, The Shed, in Wisbech Road, got a new flock of hens, they found quite a lot of eggs laid that they thought were too small for general sale.

So they have been taking them along to Susan and Elaine and helpers, for distribution to their clients.

“Don’t tell anyone though” Lindsay asked - so I am only telling you in strict confidence…