COLUMN: Littleport Lions Club’s ‘message in a bottle’ initiative could be a lifesaver says Lyn of Littleport

The Littleport Players are performing Peter Pan at Littleport Ex-Servicemens Club this Sunday, Janua

The Littleport Players are performing Peter Pan at Littleport Ex-Servicemens Club this Sunday, January 7, at 4pm: Peter Pan and Tinkerbell - Credit: Archant

As the ancient world maps used to say about possibly dangerous territory, ‘Hic Sunt Leones’ - or ‘Here Be Lions’ - they would not be wrong, even today, about the place we call Littleport.

Bikes for sale at the YPL Bike Shop

Bikes for sale at the YPL Bike Shop - Credit: Archant

But the fact is, our village is much less dangerous because of the Lions. Especially if you are ever faced with a medical emergency at home.

David Ellis, of the international Littleport Lions Club, told me about the ‘message in a bottle’ initiative for the New Year.

People can get a bottle, a form and two green cross stickers, free from the club - call 01353 664318.

People put personal and medical details inside it on the form, then put it in the door of the fridge, with a green cross sticker on the outside and another stuck inside their front door.

Simple plan but it could be a lifesaver for a doctor or ambulance crew. Available from the club, motto, ‘We Serve’ that has also helped fund the scheme.

Littleport’s grown a bit since those Romans built a temple here, and a resident of the newest bit so far, Steve Minchin, was thinking of creating his own Roman style straight road from here to Ely, thus avoiding the winding English track we call the GilGals.

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He said: “If I keep cycling in a dead straight line, from my house to the cathedral, eventually I will have forged that path.

“As a citizen of this country I believe it’s my divine right to have that safe and straight cycle path.” Now he just needs a bicycle. Perhaps he will buy one from philanthropist Phil Malkin’s YPL Charity Bike Shop in Henry Crabb Road. They are very good and very reasonably priced.

Lisa Forrest had a problem finding grazing for her 100 sheep. But when she put a call out in the village, four people offered, including Stephen Cole of Alpaca Lifestyle Farm fame at the back of Wisbech Road. Lisa will decide where her sheep may safely graze (my apologies to JS Bach) this week.

This Sunday (January 7) Sydney Owen, one of the cheerful and helpful members of staff from Littleport Leisure Centre, tells me she is looking forward to the indoor EACA dog show from 8am-4pm.

And the Littleport Players are performing Peter Pan at Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club at 4pm. Admission costs £5 for adults and £3 for children. Tickets are available on the door.

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