COLUMN: Getting to Know you - this week Moira Newell from Puggles swimming school answers the questions

Moira Newell of Puggles swimming school answers the 'Getting to know you' questions this week (April

Moira Newell of Puggles swimming school answers the 'Getting to know you' questions this week (April 13). - Credit: Archant

Who are you? Moira Newell and I’m lots of things: a mum, a wife, sister, orphan, swimming instructor, avid reader, reasonable cook, passionate traveller, and in my late 40s struggling with not having enough hours in the day.

What do you do?

I run an adult and child Swimming School (Puggles) that aims to introduce a lifelong love of water to adults and their children from newborns to 4 years old.

Why would people know you?

I’m a mother of three girls (9,14 & 15) who attend school in Ely. I spend a lot of time in the cathedral as one of my daughters is a Chorister and another an Ely Imp. As well as teaching the adult and child classes I also run aquanatal yoga classes and give free lessons to adults who are terrified of water and who have learning to swim on their “bucket list”. I’m also a sponsor of the Ely Hero Awards.

Give us at least five pet hates.

People on mobile phones in restaurants; people who don’t clean up their dog’s mess; litter in Cherry Hill/pocket park; tailgating drivers; cold callers

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Is it time for Britain to abolish the Royal Family?

I like having the Royal family - they do an extraordinary amount and fantastic for tourism

What is your favourite thing about East Cambridgeshire?

Fenland waterways - so peaceful.

If you won £5,000 what would you spend it on?

Massively subsidised swimming for children with special needs as there simply isn’t enough opportunity for them to experience the freedom water can provide.

Place you would never want to return to and why?

Would have to be Zimbabwe - I spent the first 10 years of my life in Rhodesia (as it was then), and absolutely LOVED it and had a magical childhood, however, I think I would just be dismayed seeing what’s happened to it now.

Which three people would you like to have dinner with?

Barbara Streisand, Michael Phelps and Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Who would you cross the road to avoid?

Jim Carrey (actor) his silly faces and antics just annoy me

Who was your childhood hero and why?

I grew up in South Africa so has to be Nelson Mandela. He was so influential in making the world see that generations could change and that we should all be looking forward and not dwelling in the past.

Your claim to fame.

When I lived and taught swimming in Sydney I chatted with Hugh Jackman on Bondi Beach.

Biggest regret in life or biggest achievement?

Biggest regret: I wish I’d taken months sorting through all my parents’ belongings after they died but I was so upset I just wanted to get it over with and now there’s stuff I wish I’d kept.

What character would you dress as for a fancy dress party?

Marie Antoinette