COLUM: Workshops, crafts and skating coming to Littleport

Fen Skating exhibit

Fen Skating exhibit - Credit: Archant

Frogs and toads are being made welcome in Littleport this weekend. On Sunday January 14 at Adams Heritage Centre, from 11am til 1pm, Timebank and Friends of

Making frogs and toads at home in Littleport - literally.

Making frogs and toads at home in Littleport - literally. - Credit: Archant

the Woodland Garden host a ‘frog and toad house-making workshop’. All the materials are supplied but take your own refreshments.

It’s £3 for families or groups if you take your crafted masterpieces home with you for your own garden, although free if you donate them to Peacock’s Meadow community garden.

To book a place, contact Deborah Curtis Watson by emailing

Littleport’s thriving Women’s Institute offers opportunity for women to try their hand at different crafts, to watch various demonstrations and listen to interesting speakers.

They meet at 7.15pm on the second Tuesday of every month at the village hall, and I missed telling you about it last week because sadly I couldn’t work out what was the second Tuesday of the month.

But new president Pat Ollive made sure I wouldn’t make such a mistake again, by giving me a calendar of events. So, I can tell you, with certainty, in advance, that on February 13, it’s Peter Allen and Quiz Night. There is always a competition too, and that night it will be ‘any heart-shaped object’.

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And on every Tuesday afternoon, between 1pm and 4pm, the Littleport Society opens its archives, many thousands of items and memorabilia catalogued by Andrew Martin, housed upstairs from the parish council offices at The Barn, behind the Main Street car park. There is always a knowledgeable and friendly member on duty to show you the exhibits and answer any questions you may have pertaining to Littleport and its past.

The car park is free by the way, as is all parking in the village. Very handy for the shops and restaurants, take-aways and if you fancy any kind of haircut, you have an amazing choice within a five-minute walk.

We have branches of big name traders, including the main parlour of the famous Beynur’s Tattoo Studio. So why not park up in historic Littleport for the day and take a good look round?

On the sign-posted ‘Skaters Trail’ is the Moors, and the Welney and Littleport Division of the Fen Centre is organising grass-cutting, and a test flood, in preparation for a hoped-for freeze and subsequent skate fest, courtesy of Littleport farmer Nigel Garner.