College students turning up late, missing lessons, and getting black marks all because buses into Cambridge are held up says councillor

Buses are being held up into Cambridge by roadworks says councillor

Buses are being held up into Cambridge by roadworks says councillor - Credit: Archant

College students travelling from Cottenham into Cambridge are facing a two hour journey to their classrooms because of roadworks and worsening congestion.

Parent Alison Kitching, whose daughter is planning to attend Long Road Sixth Form College next year, claims students are turning up late earning black marks on their school reports.

Road works on Huntingdon Road and Hills Road are adding to the general problem of worsening congestion in the city, she says.

Alison said: “I know these road works are necessary and that they are not supposed to be in operation until after the rush hour but they are having an impact. I’d like to see some traffic management to ensure that buses used by students get through”.

Now Liberal Democrat Cambridgeshire County Councillor David Jenkins, who represents the village, has called for the county council to be more active in managing congestion in the city in a bid to ease the problems students are facing.

He raised the issue at the full county council meeting calling for action.

Cllr Jenkins said: “The stock reaction from the council is ‘we know but we’ve got the City Deal coming’. That’s no good. That’s then and not now. We need to ensure that today’s students can get to school on time.

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“Most people have their own stories of worsening congestion and Stagecoach has confirmed that it is having increasing difficulty in running its buses to the timetable.”