College calls on parents over attendance

ELY College head Catherine Jenkinson-Dix has called on parents to help improve their child’s attendance after new data released by the school showed that the top exam performers were also top attenders.

In a letter to parents, Mrs Jenkinson-Dix said that a good attendance record was vital to achieving good grades and called on parents to help ensure their children were getting to school as regularly as possible.

She said: “Our own student data for last year’s Year 11 students clearly

demonstrates the powerful link between attendance and attainment.

“It is not just important that the Year 11 students attend lessons; good attendance is a key life skill, not only for success throughout your child’s education, but also for a productive working life.”

According to data released by the school, 78 per cent students who had attendance records of 90 per cent or better achieved at least five GCSEs at A*-C compared with just 28 per cent of pupils whose attended less than 85 per cent of the time.

The figures also showed that 53 per cent of pupils attending 90 per cent or more of lessons achieved a GCSE at grade A*-C in English and Maths, while just 11 per cent of those attending less than 85 per cent managed the same.

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According to Department for Education statistics, the overall absence rate at Ely College is 6.38 per cent.

Added Mrs Jenkinson-Dix: “We are working hard to develop pupils understanding of the importance of being punctual and often have conversations with these students on how they think a future employer might react to lateness.”