Co-operative stores help little Isabel sit in comfort by raising thousands of pounds for new chair

Isabel Nicole.

Isabel Nicole. - Credit: Archant

Fundraisers at Co-operative stores have helped a girl from Ely who suffers from a rare condition spend time with her grandparents in comfort by raising enough money for a new chair.

Isabel Nicole.

Isabel Nicole. - Credit: Archant

Isabel Nicole has a rare syndrome called Genitopatellar, which has resulted in her having several health conditions affecting her heart and legs.

When she was just 18-months-old, she had heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital and had two of the three holes in her heart closed, but she remains unable to weight-bear when walking due to unsuccessful surgery on her knees.

Isabel’s mother, Emma, saw a multi-adjustable seat as the solution, but the family couldn’t afford the £2,529 the chair would cost.

She then turned to the Co-operative’s chosen charity, Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children, who helped raise the funds so Isabel could spend time with her family in comfort.

Emma said: “Without the special seat Isabel was restricted on what she could do while at my parents’ home. She could not fully interact with her cousins who love bringing her toys to play with and was always uncomfortable.

“With her new seat Isabel is able to sit in comfort and safety while being on the same level as everyone else. When at her grandparents I know she is much more comfortable, enabling her to enjoy her time there more.”

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