Children at Stretham Primary School say ‘so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye’ to three members of staff

Miss Comiskey

Miss Comiskey - Credit: Archant

Stretham Primary School said a fond farewell to three members of staff at the end of term.

Mrs Whittaker

Mrs Whittaker - Credit: Archant

Two teaching assistants left after 26 years at the school and a teacher left after five years.

Both Mrs Howard and Mrs Whittaker joined the school in 1990 with Mrs Howard notching up three months longer as she became part of the team in June while her colleague started in September.

Mrs Howard

Mrs Howard - Credit: Archant

Miss Comiskey left after five years to move to Waterbeach Primary School.

An assembly on Wednesday morning (20) saw the three presented with bouquets made from flowers brought in by staff and pupils.

Every child was asked to bring in a flower for each of the three leavers which was then made into bouquets. The response was so great they each received eight bunches of the blooms.