Sister of black man stopped by police in Ely claims that ‘racism and social profiling are everywhere’

Chief constable Nick Dean has resoonded to a video showing the conversation between a black man and

Chief constable Nick Dean has resoonded to a video showing the conversation between a black man and a police officer in Ely. The video - published on our website today - was filmed by the motorist from inside his car (as shown). - Credit: Archant

A video allegedly shot in Ely five years ago and showing a police officer confronting a motorist has gone viral on the day of Black Lives Matter nationwide protests.

Such has been the campaign to get the video circulated that it prompted a response from Cambridgeshire’s chief constable Nick Dean.

The video shows a conversation between a police officer in Ely and a black motorist pulled over for routine questioning.

The woman who posted the video originally says it was the moment her brother was stopped by police in Ely ‘for nothing other than the colour of his skin!’

April Baxter wrote that her brother “felt that now was the right time to share it with the world.

“This happens to young black males every day and it breaks my heart that he cannot drive in his own neighbourhood without being harassed by police because he is a black man in a predominantly white area.

“Racism and racial profiling are everywhere, and it needs to stop”.

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Mr Dean said: “We are aware of a video circulating on social media involving a Cambridgeshire police officer.

“I can understand why such a video clip would be concerning, especially with the current events surrounding the death of George Floyd.

“Last week a joint statement was released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Superintendents Association and Police Federation.

“It stated: ‘The relationship between the police and the public in the UK is strong but there is always more to do. Every day, up and down the country, officers and staff are working to strengthen those relationships and address concerns.

“Only by working closely with our communities do we build trust and help keep people safe. “We have been and are committed to strengthening our ties with every community.

“With regards to this incident, I want to be clear that it was filmed in Ely more than five years ago and we do not believe that any formal complaint was ever received in relation to the officer’s actions. The circumstances surrounding this incident at the time are being examined. I want to reassure you that I am committed to ensuring all officers and staff act with the upmost integrity and professionalism.”

Thousands of protesters have taken part in anti-racism demonstrations in UK cities today over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.