Charity sets up oil buying syndicate to reduce residents’ fuel bills

A NEW community oil buying scheme has been launched across Cambridgeshire - and the search has begun to find local organisers to co-ordinate the money saving project in Ely and the surrounding villages.

Cambridgeshire ACRE has already discovered that it is possible to cut an oil buyers’ bill by �50 for a single delivery, and the charity is sure there are plenty of savings to be made when residents get together to place an order.

It will cost �20 to join the oil buying syndicate, but volunteers who collate local orders will be given free membership

Co-ordinator Julie Weekes said: “Cambridgeshire ACRE believes there will be great strength in harnessing the purchasing power of the many rural communities who are without mains gas so that, together, oil buyers will be able to make significant savings.

“We can supply red diesel for agricultural machinery through the scheme; and the scheme is open to both domestic users, and community groups such as village halls and businesses.”

Cambridgeshire ACRE- Action with Communities in Rural England - is also keen to emphasise the environmental benefits of community oil buying, cutting the miles travelled by delivery tankers and so reducing traffic on our roads.

Chief Executive Kirsten Bennett said: “The key to making this work will be having local people who will collate the syndicate members’ oil orders once a month, and pass the information on to us; those people will also let local members know the cost per litre, and the delivery date.”

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The price will be negotiated centrally, and there is no restriction on the amount of orders that can be placed.

INFO: There is more information on the Cambridgeshire ACRE website, To register an interest, phone 01353 8960850 or e-mail