Second year of success as driveway plant stall raises £600 for charity

Caroline Nicklinson had a second successful year of fundraising from her Egremont Street driveway in Ely.

Caroline Nicklinson had a second successful year of fundraising from her Egremont Street driveway in Ely. - Credit: Caroline Nicklinson   

A plant stall, ran by an east Cambridgeshire woman on her driveway, has seen a second year of success after raising hundreds of pounds for charity.   

Caroline Nicklinson, who lives on Egremont Street in Ely, has raised over £600 for Versus Arthritis and Soham-based Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care.   

Ms Nicklinson said: “I chose these [two] charities because arthritis touches most people in some way be that as a sufferer, a carer, a family member or a friend.    

“Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care is a local charity which cares for orphaned and abandoned wild animals in and around the Ely Area.”   

Caroline said those who have supported the charity plant stall have relayed stories about the service delivered by Cambridgeshire Wildlife Care, and how thankful they were that they existed.  

So far, £635 has been raised, and plants are still being sold.   

Caroline has thanked those who have purchased from her stall, as well as donations of plants and money for her chosen charities.