First episode of tractor TV show features farmer in Cambridgeshire

Anna Leadbetter, who owns the tractor, standing in front of it.

A Cambridgeshire-based tractor will feature heavily in the first episode of the series. - Credit: Channel 5

Channel 5's latest TV show 'Tractors: Big, Bigger, Biggest' is set to launch this week, with Cambridgeshire starring in the first episode.

The show is set to "get to grips with the biggest, fastest and most powerful tractors on the planet", telling the stories behind these larger-than-life machines in three episodes.

A large green tractor with tracks instead of wheels.

This Cambridgeshire-based John Deere 9RX will feature heavily in the first episode. - Credit: Channel 5

Episode one of the series will feature Cambridgeshire farmer Anna Leadbetter of Eastern Farms Limited, near Chatteris, and their £500,000 tractor.

This tractor is particularly special due to its ability to self-drive. 

The tractor in a farm building with metal walls.

The John Deere 9RX has the ability to self-drive. - Credit: Channel 5

The John Deere 9RX represents "the future of farming".

The largest tractor ever made and a family that regularly competes in tractor racing will also take part in the opening episode.

The tractor driving around a field, carrying a red farming instrument.

This particular tractor represents "the future of farming". - Credit: Channel 5

Lastly, the world's smallest tractor will take centre stage, as Christmas tree farming is highlighted. 

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A statement from Channel 5 read: "Packed with extraordinary machines and brilliant characters this episode delivers size, speed and surprises.

Anna Leadbetter standing in front of the tractor, in a thick coat and jeans.

The John Deere tractor is owned by Anna and Charles Leadbetter, of Eastern Farms Limited. - Credit: Channel 5

"These really are the World’s Most Amazing Tractors."

The first episode of 'Tractors: Big, Bigger, Biggest' will air at 9pm on Friday, May 20.