Celebrity duo take on world pea shooting champions in Haddenham showdown

EAST Cambridgeshire’s reputation for producing world-class pea shooters was the focus of a new television series this week as a celebrity duo headed to Haddenham to take on some village’s finest.

The current world pea-shooting champion was joined by two former winners of the title to take on celebrity pair Rory McGrath and Will Mellor for a new Channel 5 series.

The show Rory and Will’s Champions of the World sees the comedians pitted against a variety of champions for sports and games around the nation, and they stopped by at the Cherry Tree pub in Haddenham at the weekend to put their skills to the test.

Hotfoot from a thumb-wrestling competition in Lowestoft, Rory and Will drove into Haddenham in a green Morris Minor and were each given a coach for the day.

Mellor was coached by two-time champion Ian Ashmeade while Rory was under the tutelage of current champion Rob Bresler.

Though Rory fell at the first hurdle, Will made it all the way through to the final where he managed to overcome Ashmeade, albeit aided by some suspect scoring.

The episode in its entirety is due to be aired on Channel 5 later this year.