Celebrity auction TV presenters visit a Littleport salvage centre


A Littleport community centre has been visited by television presenters for a show to be screened later this year.

The team from BBC2’s Antiques Road Trip were at YPL Salvage and Trading Post.

Show presenter Raj Bisram and the team were filming a new series of the popular television show which will be broadcast in Autumn.

Philip Malikin, of YPL, said: “Raj says they have a viewing population of approximately three million people.

“He enjoyed his visit to the Salvage and Trading Post and a few items were purchased which are later to be taken to auction.

“Proceeds thereof are donated to charity.

“This was a wonderful experience for us here and we look forward to the outcome of their purchases when the show is broadcast on BBC TV.”

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The show sends antiques experts to accompany celebrities on a road trip around the UK searching for treasures and competing to make the most money at auction

In the programme two antiques experts compete against each other with a budget of £200 to buy antiques and collectibles, that are then sold at auction.

After each auction, the amount in each expert’s kitty after costs are deducted, becomes their budget for the next leg.

The winner is the expert who makes the greater profit over five legs.

The record for the largest profit on a single item is held by Charlie Ross, who in 2012 bought a chipped Staffordshire elephant clock for £8, which was sold at auction for £2,700.