Celebration of health and happiness could also mean losing weight, quitting smoking or cutting down on alcohol

Health and Happiness Previous, Ely: (L-R) Eleanor Priestnall, Sarah Porter, Jackie Brisbane, Cllr Jo

Health and Happiness Previous, Ely: (L-R) Eleanor Priestnall, Sarah Porter, Jackie Brisbane, Cllr Joshua Schumann, Lewis Badge, Liz Knox - Credit: Archant

The countdown has begun for East Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership’s flagship Health and Happiness Day, which will be taking place at Ely Country Park this September.

The day, which will provide guidance and taster sessions, showing how residents can live healthier and make positive impacts on their health, is on Sunday September 25 from 11am until 3pm.

The event offers an opportunity for people to access local sports groups, organisations and businesses to get useful tips and information that can inspire them to take the first step towards a better lifestyle in a number of areas including healthy eating, lifestyle choices, exercise, relaxation and mental health.

People will also be able to access NHS services, such as programmes that support residents to lose weight, stop smoking or cut down on alcohol.

Councillor Joshua Schumann, chairman of the East Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Partnership said: “We are very excited to be launching a fantastic new event to help local residents.

“Health and Happiness day brings together all of our aims as a partnership, as well as supporting East Cambridgeshire District Council’s objective to ensure that the area continues to be a place where people want to live.

“I would impel local people to visit the event, so they can see and take advantage of what the area has to offer them.

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“I would also like to encourage those groups within our community who support health and wellbeing in the area to sign up as an exhibitor.”

Part of the park will be sectioned into zones for different exhibitors. From free taster exercise classes provided by local sports groups, to alcohol free ‘Mocktails’ sold by local producers.

With a variety of stallholders set to attend, the partnership hopes that their flagship year should be a resounding success.

If you are interesting in exhibiting or if you have any enquiries please email healthandhappinessday@eastcambs.gov.uk or call: 01353 665555 and ask to speak to a member of the Health and Happiness Day team.