Celebrating our new NHS heroes!

Thank you to NHS painted on road at Hinchingbrooke Hostpital

Thank you to NHS painted on road at Hinchingbrooke Hostpital - Credit: Archant

The overwhelming gratitude we all feel for our brave NHS heroes and other key workers is reflected in the thunderous applause which resonates throughout local communities every Thursday night at 8 o’clock.

It is also seen in the lockdown charity fundraisers, the rainbow trails through our streets, and the messages of support which fill pages of social media sites.

We want to offer readers a chance to say a personal thank you, or submit pictures and images of the NHS weekly applause, which we can then compile for publication both in print and online.

Here is our first selection of videos and photos - thanks to everyone who contributed.

Send us your NHS thank yous as landscape video clips of no more than 10 seconds, or as photo messages, together with full details of who is featured (including name and address).

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